About Trine

Trine Holm - owner of Fyrregaarden

Welcome to my oasis 

I love nature and good food, and I love gathering people.

I want to be an inspiring host and give people the opportunity to gather around a fire in the evening twilight to talk about how we can be present in the things we do and follow our own hearts. 

To give people a breathing space with joy, presence, care, the feeling of authenticity and a connection with nature, each other and ourselves. At the same time, I have a great passion for cooking, combining flavors and gathering people around a good meal. 

In its essence, this is what I want to create with Fyrregaarden. And my way to Fyrregaarden has been a wonderful journey.

Presence and connectedness with nature 

For a long time, I have dreamt of a retreat place close to forest and beach and with birdsong, campfire and wilderness spa. So I jumped at the chance when I got the opportunity to take over Fyrregaarden in 2019, because I immediately saw the possibilities in the place, which previously was a holiday colony for children.

From yoga journeys to my own retreats 

My interest in retreats started when I won a yoga trip to Greece. It gave me the desire to do more retreats and I thought, why don't I do my own retreats in my summer house, which I designed and built with my ex-boyfriend in 2009, and that was the start of my career as a retreat facilitator. With Fyrregaarden, I can offer the facilities for a stay with a focus on well-being and self-development in the middle of Zealand's nature and with tastings of Odsherred's fresh raw ingredients. So my retreat at Gudmindrup beach in Sejerøbugten is today my dream place, which my life experiences and my inner compass have led me to.

Passion for art, design and aesthetics 

In my life baggage I carry, among other things, a master's degree. MA in art history from the University of Copenhagen and 10 years of practical work experience from Louisiana with communication tasks and tasks with reference to the creative and visual design of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and development of events and products. I focus on both aesthetics, forms and enjoyment and can visualize events for different target groups. And I love diversity, colors, flavors, simplicity and good ingredients and pay tribute to the philosophy that there is not far from farm to table. I love to travel – both abroad and domestic travel. To be in balance, in flow and to be in the moment. 

At the same time, it is important for me to give my 19-year-old son some good values ​​along the way. Empathy, presence, humor, creativity and the feeling of the unconditional love that exists between parents and their children.

Magical sensory garden with wild nature 

I have a good network and many interests and over the years have become more interested in the bodily, the feminine and in the balance that exists between the masculine and feminine energy. 

My dream is that Fyrregaarden can contribute to people being able to open from an outer world to an inner one when they enter through the gate to my magical garden with wild nature, flowers and small cozy corners for presence and contemplation.

A place that stimulates all the senses with smells, sounds and tastes. A place where the eye can rest, and the heart can find peace.

So welcome to my oasis in Odsherred, where you have the opportunity to hold retreats, company events, workshops and family holidays and find new energy, creativity, community and feel nature.

Kind regards

Trine Holm